High Anxiety - Wednesday

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Many pharmacists say they are seeing a dramatic increase in the number of prescriptions for anxiety medications.

Experts say before you look into getting a prescription find out what level of anxiety you are dealing with.

Psychotherapist Tom Lavin says, "Some people have mild anxiety, some have moderate anxiety, and others severe anxiety. What we are asking is that everyone assesses if they are having anxiety and what level the are having."

After talking to your doctor if you feel a prescription is best for you a Consumer Reports study may help. The watch dog group researched several of the top-selling antidepressants. The results show adverse side effects are much higher than medication package notes.

Marvin Lipman from Consumer reports says, "We found that many of the people actually stopped taking their medications because of intolerable side effects."

And the survey also showed side effects like decreased sexual interest, drowsiness, and weight gain are common. But, doctors say it really depends on the specific person. Lipman says, "The majority of people who described their therapy as 'mostly medication' had good outcomes."

But, if you decide to go the holistic route ask questions, especially about the ingredients.

Reno Pharmacist John Burton says, "Coming in and seeing someone on a consulting basis is the best approach. Then you will get the best advice and the best product because products out there vary."

Burton says it often takes trial and error to find the right drug. Before you experiment with any treatments, medical or holistic, consult with your physician just to make sure any medications you are already taking do not have unexpected side effects.