Driving Horses

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Nevada may be known as horse country, but you don't usually see Clydesdale horses here in the West.
But, one local couple is sharing their love and experience with others with the first draft horse clinic in Northern Nevada."

Annette Barnes says she has wanted a Clydesdale since she was a little girl.
Her dream came true about ten years ago, but when Annette and her husband, Larry Barnes, decided they wanted to start competing with the draft horses... local instruction was hard to find.
"We did not have a lot of resources. So, a lot of our learning curve was through books... and we had to go back to the midwest to learn and educate ourselves."

Years later, Larry says they're ready to share their experience with others... hosting what they say is the first draft horse clinic in the area.
"We had 21 people from as far away as Washington state, California, Fernley, Fallon, Reno area. We had a wide diversity of people that wanted to learn about draft horses."

The competition is tough among those committed to showing draft horses, even though the Barnes say there is more popularity in the midwest.
Despite their own hands-on training, Annette says they have faired well and are winning in several shows throughout the year.
"It took us so darn long to get to our competition level that we wanted to bring something back to other people that maybe they wouldn't have to take so long to reach their dream."

Meg Miller, of Spanish Springs, says she bought her own draft horse less than two years ago and has been hooked ever since.
"There are no other opportunities and you can only read so many books. And, to have hands-on experience like this here in this area is invaluable."

The Barnes' say others will get hitched when it comes to draft horses, and they're ready to continue competing and teaching others what they have learned to love.

For more information, you can go to the Barnes' website at www.reddbarneyranch.com