Interim UNR President List

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University of Nevada, Reno Faculty Senate
members are recommending three colleagues to serve as interim
president upon the departure of President John Lilley.
The nominees include Dr. John McDonald, dean of Nevada's medical
school; Eric Herzik, political science professor; and Patricia
Miltenberger, former vice president of student services.
The Faculty Senate will submit its candidates Monday when higher
education officials hold a day-long meeting to identify possible
contenders to replace Lilley, who is leaving Jan. 2 to become
president of Baylor University in Waco, Texas.
"If they pick one of those names, I think we will be quite
happy," said Leah Wilds, Faculty Senate chairwoman.
Miltenberger was interim president of Nevada State College in
Henderson. Herzik was interim dean of the College of Arts and
Science and the College of Liberal Arts.
McDonald, also vice president of health sciences, said he is
honored by the faculty's support.
"I think it's an important task to maintain the stability and
to advance the very important jobs that are coming up at the
university in the next few months," he said. "I would look
forward to serving in that capacity if the regents feel that I am
up to the task."
Chancellor Jim Rogers, Nevada Board of Regents Chairman Bret
Whipple and Vice Chairwoman Dorothy Gallagher are scheduled to hold
hearings Monday with representatives of faculty, staff and student
government to hear their ideas about who should fill the job
Some faculty members would like to see a familiar face at the
helm - former UNR President Joe Crowley, who served as president
for 23 years.
"Some of us are still hoping Joe Crowley will do it again,"
said Jim Richardson, a lobbyist for the Nevada Faculty Alliance.
Crowley has said he isn't interested, but Richardson and others
hope to change his mind.
"We would like him to take another turn at the wheel, but we'll
be looking at other names, too," Richardson said.