We Need a Few Good..Oops!

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The U.S. Military is pressing its recruiters hard as some branches struggle to meet their goals.

But a Northern Nevada woman thinks the Marine Corps may have gone a bit too far, or possibly made a big mistake.

Seventy-three-year-old Ellie Haik of Fallon was shocked to get a letter from the Marine Corps not only recruiting her, but urging her to become an Arabic Interpreter.

"I would have no idea how to speak their language,” says Ellie. “Do you know how to speak another language?”

Ellie and her husband Vern say they don't know how the Marines got her name. Ellie says she doesn’t have a military background, and she hasn't put her name on any lists. Vern says he's been told the name "Haik" has Middle Eastern Origins, and he thinks that may be the reason why the Marines targeted her.

Vern also says Ellie might not meet the Marine's tough physical requirements, especially when it comes to push ups. They say they're keeping the letter and sharing it with friends.