The Flu Shot

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We live in a fast paced world with drive-through fast food, banking and even drive-through flu shots.

This is the 14th drive-through flu shot clinic for Washoe Medical Center, and by 9:15 in the morning.. they had already given out 700 shots.... and Registered Nurse, Linda Keanan, expected to give more than 700 more in the hours to come.

"There's a lot of folks coming through today. A lot of the folks are over 65, a lot of seniors which we really wanted to see. But, a lot of young kids too. I've already done four 9-year olds this morning."

The flu season began this month and lasts through March, and the Centers for disease control says it usually peaks in January and February.
That's why Keanan recommends that everyone get a flu shot, especially those with a higher risk such as the elderly.

She also warns that the thought about the shot is actually much worse than the real thing...
"The young kids are asking, will it hurt? Will I cry? Is my arm going to hurt... I usually tell them it's going to hurt a little and sting when I put the shot in."

10-year old Hunter Mercurio says he would do it again, if he had to.
"It didn't hurt at all. It seriously just felt like a little pinch."

Hunter's father, Ken, says he wanted to protect the entire family and the drive-through was easy.
"The kids seem to bring home a lot of colds, flu-like symptoms from school. And, there's more concern this year about different types of flus coming in... so, just an extra precaution."

It's an extra precaution the CDC says you should take every year, because it only covers the three most common strains of the flu each year... and an average of 114-thousand people are hospitalized each year with the illness.