The Parent-Teacher Conference

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There are 627 students enrolled at Marvin Moss Elementary School in Sparks.
That puts about 18-to-20 kids in each class... and quite a few parents for one teacher to try and keep contact.

Kristen McNeil, the principal at Moss says, while some parents can be intimidated or worried about the progress of their child's learning.. .this is the perfect setting to start to combat some of those hurdles together with the teacher.
"The teachers and the school will give some strategies that the parent can work with at home. The home component is so very, very crucial and parents work hard at trying to bring their child up to grade level, along with the teacher. It's a team effort."

Third grade teacher, Christi Pagni, says these conferences can set the tone for the remainder of your child's school year.
"When children see their parents communicate with the teacher, from an early age, then they understand the importance of education and the process. And, they will become better students that way."

The teachers are ready to answer any questions and even provide results from recent assessments in math and other testing scores.... they say it's clear that the conference is not focused on grades, rather assessment and future goals.
"It also gives the parents the chance to sit down with the teacher and personalize the goals and objections for their own children."

Since most of these conferences were scheduled ahead of time, the teachers ask that if you have to cancel... even if it's last-minute, call the school to let them know... there might be someone waiting for an open spot because they do have a change in scheduling.