Officer-Involved Shooting

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Two detectives from the Washoe County Sheriff's Office were conducting some sort of investigation at a home on the 5300 block of Sidehill Drive in Sun Valley. Just before 6:00 PM, they had a confrontation with a man out side of the home.
A spokesperson for the sherrif's office says one of the detectives felt his life was threatened, because he says the man had a gun. The detective shot the man....who was later taken to Washoe Medical Center in a Care Flight helicopter. The man was in surgery Friday night, his condition unknown.
There were other people involved as well. At this point its unclear if they were suspects or witnesses to what happened. Two of them - a man and woman - were handcuffed and put in the back seat of police cars. About 20 minutes later, they were deemed "witnesses" and the handcuffs were taken off.
Late Friday night, investigators were still at the scene, waiting for a search warrent to enter the home.
It was a place of interest for them even before the shootingt.... a house a that neighbor's call a party spot, with people in and out frequently.