Armed Robber ID

Floyd's Fireside Chat is just down the street from where two of the four armed robberies occurred last month.

Bartender Debbie DeLong works day shift here, she says that makes her feel a little safer when she says tough economic times sometimes call for people to take desperate measures.

" I don't know, its like you think they get him by now. They have his picture and stuff. And if he is hitting , what convenient stores, you figure they would be watching them"

Three agencies, Washoe County Sheriffs, Reno and Sparks Police are all working together to find this man.
Taken by a surveillance camera at one of his armed robberies they say he's been wearing the same type of clothing for each incident.

Described as a white or hispanic male, He is five-feet seven to five feet ten inches tall. Medium build with dark hair and eyebrows.
He covered his face wit ha dark multicolored bandanna and wears a blue or grey hooded sweatshirt to cover his head. He was armed with a light colored grips.

On May first at about midnight police say he entered the Jackpot Market at 500 Kietzke Lane showed a gun and demanded money.

The next day at about three-thirty in the morning investigators say he went to Sparks and robbed this seven-eleven on G Street.

Eight Days later on May 10th police say the same man entered the Gold Gate Gas Station in Sun Valley and robbed a clerk here at gunpoint.

Then on May 12th police say he came to the Tronics Bar on Kietzke Lane and fired a shot into the wall of the bar, then demanded money and left the scene.