Reno Gas Prices Surpass $4

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Thanks to a 26 cent hike over the past month, gas prices in Reno have officially surpassed the four dollar mark.

And while many locals are shaking their heads at this milestone, several out of towners are welcoming it.

The average price of gas in Reno is four dollars and two cents a gallon and while many of us think that's absolutely mind blowing, there are a handful of people who say they're accustomed to paying even more.

"We'll be five dollars soon," says George Korth from Wisconsin. "We have a high gas tax over there. It's over 52 cents a gallon."

Korth and his wife Kathy are visiting from Milwaukee, where the average price of gas is some eight cents higher.

The price of oil dictates this couple's lifestyle more than most. Kathy works at a gas station and George drives a gas truck.

"I tell everybody: call your congressman," says Korth. "We can't do anything about it and we're not getting any raises to compensate the increase."

Even though, the average price in Reno is above four dollars, there are still a handful of stations that offer gas for less.

A Chevron station on Wells charges 3.99 for regular and as expensive as that might seem to us, it's practically heaven for many out-of-towners.

"I was excited to pull in and get $3.99 a gallon," says Vanessa Laidley-Tennies in Grass Valley. "Because in Grass Valley, it's not even close to that for regular. I don't usually put regular in this but I'm gonna put 3.99 in just because it feels good."

But locals pulling into the same station weren't quite as excited.

"Did you ever think you'd be paying this much?" we asked Ron Perry from Reno, who's gauge price was sailing past 60 dollars. "No. Never, ever, ever."

With the price of gas in Reno increasing by an average of 27 cents a gallon each month, there's a good chance prices will get worse before they get better.

"We're constantly on an upswing," says Perry. "There are other countries that pay even more for gas. They seem to get along with it so I guess maybe we will too."