GOP Convention to Resume

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CARSON CITY, Nev. (AP) - A Sparks dentist and Ron Paul supporter said Friday that Nevada Republican Party leaders are stalling on completion of the GOP's state convention - so he and others who
want to wrap it up will meet June 28 in Reno to resume the event.

Dr. Wayne Terhune said he's still willing to pay for a room at the Grand Sierra Resort big enough to hold the nearly 1,400 Nevada Republicans who were at the party's chaotic April 26 convention. He added that other party members have offered to help cover the cost.

The April 26 event was abruptly shut down prior to final votes on what was shaping up as a national convention delegation with more backers for Paul than for presumptive GOP presidential nominee John McCain.

"It's not about one candidate or another," Terhune said. "It's right versus wrong. There seems to be absolutely no plans (by leadership) to reconvene."

Terhune said that under party rules the convention can reconvene
as long as a majority is present. That would mean about 675 of the
people who were at the April event. He said everyone who attended
the earlier convention would be invited.

"We intend to do this right," Terhune said. "Everyone will have a fair chance at this reconvening."

Zach Moyle, the state party's executive director, didn't immediately return a call Friday seeking comment on Terhune's move. Moyle has said party leaders want "to maximize participation, not to pick a random date," and various dates and locations were being considered with that goal in mind.

Moyle also has said that completing the convention in June would be good, but the goal of a big turnout is more important even if it means the event can't occur until some time in July.

Ron Paul backers were upset by the recess at the April 26 convention and expressed concern about getting fair treatment when it resumes. Party leaders have insisted the Paul supporters won't be disenfranchised.

Paul's organizers have said supporters of the Texas congressman
will turn out in force for the rest of the convention and want to make sure that the 31-member national convention delegation from Nevada isn't picked in secret.

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