3,000 More Delinquent on Taxes This Year

Washoe County Treasurer Bill Berrum says the delinquent tax list has 3,000 more names on it than last year. Some of that can be attributed to developers whose property has not been sold as of yet.

"This is an unusual number of developers that we have, they're here every year because there is always somebody with development in progress, but this is the largest number we've had in my 14-years here."

While all of these people have been notified by mail, Berrum says by law the delinquent tax list must be published once a year in the newspaper. If not paid there are penalties and interest payments tacked on to the original tax due. With those penalties this list represents $11 million, but Berrum says he's not concerned about getting the money.

He says his office ultimately collects 98% of delinquent taxes, and even in these tough economic times he doesn't see that changing. Vacant properties or those developed and left unsold he says will ultimately have the taxes and penalties attached to them at the time of sale.

We asked if in these trying times he sees his office having to go into the real estate business: "I really don't want to get into the real estate business. And that is selling properties taking the people's tax deed to have to sell. This is my personal opinion with in a couple of years the economy is going to turn around and all these developers are going to have their pay days and be selling them."