Trick or Treat

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They waited... and waited... and finally when the end seemed as though it was in sight... they waited some more.
But, no one here will say the wait was not worth the end result.

2-year old Faith Rowe was proud to show, but not share, her bag of goodies.
Her 7-year old sister, Marina, explained why this holiday is so much fun.
"I get candy because it's halloween and we get to wear our costumes."

Even moms and dads enjoyed the afternoon excursion where kids could trick-or-treat safely, and still have all the fun.
Liz Hunter says she brings her child to the safe street event to keep them off the street on Halloween night.
"I think it's a great, safe way to take your kids out and have a little fun. You get to see the other kids dressed up and they just have fun."

Costumed kids now have choices when it comes to trick-or-treating.... events like "Safe Street" Sunday afternoon brought a huge crowd, but some parents say they will still head outdoors Monday night for some good, old fashioned door-to-door trick-or-treating.

But, Steven Mathews with Triple-A says getting ready to go door to door requires some prep time.
"Make sure that they're comfortable and they have plenty of reflective material, whether it's on the costume and they also have handy flashlights."

It's important to make sure you're kids aren't scared, but at least aware of their surroundings.... some parents say the best way to ensure their safety is keep your eyes on them.

The Salvation Army will benefit from this year's safe street, since those parking at the convention center had to donate two canned goods or two dollars.
With the crowd exceeding 15-thousand youngsters, everyone here says Monday night's door-to-door trick-or-treating will just not seem as exciting.