Thursday Hearing For Suspended Nevada Judge

The state Judicial Discipline Commission meets Thursday in Reno to review efforts by a suspended Las Vegas judge to delay a weeklong hearing scheduled to start June 9 on a lengthy complaint accusing her of improper conduct.

The commission's meeting this week also will deal with a request by Clark County District Judge Elizabeth Halverson's lawyers to withdraw because of what they term "an irreconcilable conflict of interest."

Halverson said she was told by the lawyers that she owed them more than $90,000 and to go to trial would cost "upwards of an additional $125,000."

The judge said she needs a continuance of at least five months now that she doesn't have legal assistance from attorneys Dominic Gentile, William Gamage and John Arrascada.

Dorothy Nash Holmes, special prosecutor for the Judicial Discipline Commission, said Halverson can represent herself at the June proceedings if her lawyers are allowed to withdraw.