Parading Through History

Nevada State Flag
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Thousands lined the streets today, and whether you're a native Nevadan or not, everyone here is glad to be a part of today's celebration of our state's history."
News Channel 8's John Tyson led the parade on top of a stagecoach as this year's grand marshal, a man who shares his love for the state just as much as those watching the parade.

Bret Silva says he's pretty much a native Nevadan, since he's lived here his entire adult life.
"It's a great place to raise your family. Wide open spaces, beautiful sunsets, wide open skies. I love everything about it."

Besides the bands, dancers, and fun-loving floats.... a touch of history resonated throughout the parade and even in the streets.
Even though Nevada became a state on the 31st of October, 1864, those here are glad to make it a weekend long celebration of our statehood.