Emergency Declaration

It was a hot and horrible scene in June of last year up at at South Lake Tahoe. Angora Fire would eventually take with it two-hundred-54 homes and three thousand acres of land.

Blue Ribbon task force investigating this fire says today the conditions aren't much better...in the Commission's words: "the forests surrounding Lake Tahoe located within the Tahoe Basin are not healthy, and their long-term prognosis is poor"

Nevada Governor Jim Gibbons along with California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger and U-S Senator from California Dianne Feinstein hope to change that grim prognosis, by first accepting the Tahoe Fire Commission Report and by signing duel emergency declarations for the Nevada and California Counties that surround Lake Tahoe.

Chief James Wright Nevada's State Fire Marshal said the declarations will help out if another fire breaks out up at Lake Tahoe.

"It puts us in a position to act more promptly and cutting down some red tape issues should an event happen within the counties on the Nevada side."

While those emergency declarations are something that can be done immediately, the commission has recommended other things that will take some time and money.

Nevada Governor Jim Gibbons says, "We are continuing efforts of the federal government through the Burton Santini Act, through the Southern Nevada Land management Act, that brings that amount of resources and money out to Lake Tahoe to help with major projects, major efforts to create a better living environment, safer living environment for everybody up here."

The Governor says he's confident Nevada can tap into federal funds to help remove the buildup of dry and dead timber around the basin and help home owners with defensible space.
This is truly he says a joint effort between both states.
That's because fire stops at neither the Nevada or California state line.