You Better Pay That Parking Ticket!

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Ten thousand local residents are wanted by the City of Reno...but they're not in trouble with the police...they're wanted by the meter maids.

Delinquent parking tickets have become a major problem in our area, and the City is now hoping to collect its debts.

Starting this week, over 10,000 residents with unpaid parking tickets will be receiving a letter from the City of Reno. The notices will tell residents how much money they owe, and how they can pay their debt... or else.

Parking enforcement officer, Barbara Cardwell says she has a dirty job.

"I've written over 100 tickets. Sometimes I only write 30 tickets. It depends on the time of year, you know, the weather," said Cardwell.

Everyday, she combs the streets of Reno, checking for expired meters and illegal parking jobs. The price of a meter ticket starts at ten bucks...but if you park in a handicap spot, $250 is the minimum. And Cardwell says some people just don't learn their lesson.

"There are people who work downtown that sometimes are late for work and they want to park close. So we catch them on a daily basis or every other day."

It's a habit that can get very expensive.

"What happened was, we were looking through finances to find ways to balance next year's budget and we found out there were over 10,000 unpaid parking tickets," said Kevin Knutsen with the City of Reno.

Knutsen says the money from all of the unpaid parking tickets adds up to a total of nearly $700,000 dollars in fines. In order to get that money back, the city is putting a little pressure on people who don't pay up.

"We will turn the people over who don't pay to a collection agency. We can also report them to DMV and they won't be able to renew their vehicle registration. It's also possible to impound their car or have further fines," said Knutsen.

Offenders have thirty days to pay their fines, or else.

"We don't collect the money, we just give out the tickets," said Cardwell.

She says she doesn't want to ticket you...but she has no choice. Yes, it's a dirty job...but somebody has to do it.

The letter will tell you how you can pay those delinquent parking tickets. You can pay in person, by phone, by mail...or starting June

For more information, call the city clerk's office at 657-4666.

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