Nevada History

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The history questions line the hall at Jacks Valley Elementary School in Douglas County, and the 4th-through-6th graders had a couple weeks to find all the answers, and now they're bursting with Nevada history.

Carrina Bell, a 5th grader here can answer your questions about why Nevada became a state.
"Nevada was born on October 31, 1864. We were born because Abraham Lincoln needed mining products like gold and silver to buy the products that were needed for the civil war and that's why we were battle born."

Lane Smith, a 4th grade student, can go down the list of state facts.
"This is sagebrush, and this is our state flower. This is the desert bighorn sheep, it's our state animal. This is the mountain bluebird, our state bird. This is the lohantan trout, our state fish."

Since the state mandates schools to teach Nevada history in the fourth grade, this school decided to incorporate it throughout the upper grades.
With so many people moving to our state, 6th grade teacher, Susan Hoffman, says she and other native nevadans appreciate the opportunity to bring the history into the classroom.
"What was great about this is the kids got to do it on their own time. So, during recess they got a special pass and came to the hallway. They did their little work and took some notes. Teachers weren't allowed to help them, so they went home... they got help from their parents, they got on the internet."

Almost everything these students taught me was true, except for one misconception widely shared throughout the state's school children.
While many believe this state was founded because Lincoln needed our mining products, the state archivist says that is a myth and the real reason is actually more political: he needed our electoral and popular votes for his upcoming presidential election.