Sierra Pacific To Sell Relic Elko Generators

Sierra Pacific Power Co. plans to sell six large relics of Elko's history - diesel-driven generators once used to power the city.

The diesel engines inhabit the Elko Lamoille Power Co. building at Seventh and Silver streets, and the whole property will be up for sale, said Greg Brorby, Sierra Pacific director of regional operations.

The generators supplied electricity to all of Elko until the mid 1960s. After that they were used on an emergency basis only.

They haven't been fired up since Sept. 26, 1994, and only three
of them are operable.

"They're outdated engines, especially for noise and emissions," Brorby said.

A few of the generators were installed in the 1920s and others were installed in the 1940s. The original maximum generation rate for all six engines was 5.25 megawatts.

"The fuel tanks ran to each engine and it would turn the shaft
to generate electricity," Brorby said.

Brorby said the generators are museum pieces; nevertheless,
Sierra Pacific has 21 bidders interested in the generators.

"They're from all over the West," he said of the bidders.

The generators are wanted for anything from salvage to
refurbishment for power generation.

Brorby said a some of the old tools in the machine shop will be preserved for their historical value. He said the Northeastern Nevada Museum is interested in the shaper, lathe and two drill presses, which are all operational and still taking up space in the machine shop.

"We'll probably give the old machines to the museum," he said.