A Cold, Drizzly Memorial Day

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While memorial day has a solemn meaning for some, for others, it's the unofficial start of summer. With a three-day weekend, camping trips and outdoor getaways are a must. But this year, the weather just didn't cooperate.

When many think of Memorial Day, they think of picnics and beaches and barbecues. This year, mother nature just didn't deliver.

The Sparks Marina was packed with sunbathers and swimmers on Memorial Day last year, but this year, the beach remained empty, minus a few seagulls and couple of brave triathletes.

"Well we know it's cold, but that was kind of the point. We are doing a triathlon in Tahoe in June so we thought we could get in the cold water, but there's no lifeguard, so no swimming," said Steve Stalling of Sparks.

Parks Rangers say it was too cold to open the marina for Memorial Day this year.

"I like the cool, it's nice. But it's sad for the people who didn't get to do their picnics," said Judy Parrish of Sparks.

It was a similar scene at Reno's downtown water park. One lone kayaker was in the water...but instead of crowds and sunshine, there was wind and just a tiny bit of blue sky peaking through.

A group of tourists from the south had mixed feelings about the unexpectedly cool vacationing weather.

"We had to go buy jackets. I've got thousands at home but we had to go buy another. But we've enjoyed it," said Joan Murry of Jacksonville, Florida.

"Well when we got here, we thought it was going to be a lot colder, but it's been beautiful weather. We love it. It's really nice compared to Atlanta, GA," said Dennis Key of Atlanta, Georgia.

It was a disappointing turnout for the staff of "Truckee River Eats and Sweets." The business only opened it's doors a week ago.

"You know, it's 57 degrees today, and you're hoping for warmer weather, but you never know in Reno. It snowed last week," said the store's manager, Brandy Parnell.

It didn't stop Giovanni Gallegos from enjoying his day off from school...although even he had higher expectations.

"I want to go swimming. I wish it wasn't so cold," said Gallegos.

The park ranger at the marina says as soon as the weather warms up and stays warm for more than a few days, they hope to get a lifeguard on staff and open it up for public swimming.