State Safety Agency Criticized

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The state agency that enforces health and
safety stands in various Nevada industries and businesses has been
criticized in a legislative audit that calls for improved workplace
inspections and timely action in penalizing errant employers.
The audit of the state Division of Industrial Relations prompted
Assemblywoman Sheila Leslie, who chairs the lawmakers' Audit
Subcommittee, to say proper monitoring is vital given the potential
for disasters -- like a 1998 chemical plant explosion in the Sparks
area that killed four workers.
D-I-R Administrator Roger Bremner says he shared the concern
about monitoring and agreed with 15 audit recommendations for
improvements in his agency's oversight activity.
Auditors said a sampling of 25 penalties imposed on companies
caught operating without industrial insurance policies showed that
in 19 cases nearly a year or more passed between the time D-I-R was
told of an uninsured employer and a penalty was actually assessed.