Success in College

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Tunde Csepelyi, the instructor for the College Success Skills at Truckee Meadows Community College, says she is always learning too.
"We have a common goal. I'm one of them. I'm the instructor, but I still feel I'm one of them. So, we all work towards the goal that we want our life to be better... not to work in life for minimum wages."

17 students enrolled in the class, offered the first time last Spring.
16 passed, and 12 are still taking college classes.
But, this is not a language course... it's a class geared to help these students learn more about the US college system.

Gehovanna Vega is like many of the other students interested in this course.
"It is very important to me because I have a degree in elementary school education in Costa Rica. In this class, I learned that TMCC could accept my degree and it's very important to me because I"m a teacher and I love teaching."
Vega says understands why higher education is important to continue her career, but the lack of information about getting her education was frustrating.

Mariano Lemus, another former classmate, is pursuing a career in broadcasting... he had the confidence, but he too got lost in a system that was entirely different from the education system he understood in Mexico.
"When I come to the college, I want to learn and continue my classes."

It's clear how effective this class really is when Csepelyi reads from her class notes when students remarked on their perception of the class.
"To whom I recommend to take this class. I recommend to everybody who really wants to have an opportunity in their lives."

If you're interested in this free course offered by TMCC, you can attend an orientation Tuesday, October 25th from 7-to-8:15 at night at the main campus in Meadowood Center.