Gun Permit Changes

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Starting Sunday, even those of you with concealed weapons permits will not be exempt from a background check when you buy a new gun.
The next time you come to a gun store, you'll have to take out more money to pay for a federal background check.
Before Sunday, Nevada was exempt from the federal background checks required under the 1993 Brady Act.
The US bureau of alcohol, tobacco, firearms, and explosives took away the exemption, they say, after an audit found the sheriff's departments around the state could not keep up with federally required updates on those permit holders.

But, John Morreale, the owner of The Gun Trader, says the process just to get your concealed weapon permit is extensive, and expensive... this is just too much.
"All of the last week we were very busy, busier than normal. Now we're hearing a lot of complaints. People, for a while, will probably buy more guns just to say, hey we don't care what you say, we're still going to go out and buy firearms."

According to the associated press about 15-thousand people have concealed weapons permits in Nevada who will be directly affected by the rule change.