Drowning Threat

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Around 5:30 Saturday evening, Reno Police received a call about the possible intentional drowning of a 15 month old baby in the Truckee River.
Rescue crews searched the river for about an hour, but they called the search off around seven to pursue more specific information about the threat.
Officials say information about the initial phone call is vague, but they can confirm there was a threat that a 15 month old baby was going to be or was already tossed into the river around Virginia Street in Downtown Reno.
Fire Rescue tells us that a call like this demands immediate response even if it turns out to be a hoax or just a threat.
They sent out two people in kayaks going downriver, and two other started at Wells and walked the banks going upriver.
Although the search was stopped, the investigation into the initial threat and phone call is continuing.