A Ride to Remember

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It's become a ride to remember the person for whom this fundraiser first began.
This year more than 120 people saddled up to do their part in raising about $10,000 for Alzheimer's.

For five years, it's been call a ride to remember.
This year people continue to remember the life of a mother and friend who first inspired this fund-raiser who passed away this spring.
Sally Knowles was an experienced rider and talented drill team member, but alzheimer's took away the memories and experience.

Now her daughters Donna Hustace and Sallie Joseph, along with her long-time drill team partner Mary Wright continue to ride in her memory.
Hustace says it's also to ensure no one forgets that this disease can touch anybody and threatens to tear a family apart.
"It lets everybody know how much work for the people having to deal with the alzheimer's patients. Everybody out there on that ride is touched by alzheimers, and the awareness is a great thing."

Ann Smith didn't get on a horse this afternoon, but she says just sharing stories is worth the time.
"The inspiration for the past years has passed away, so I think we're seeking new inspiration or to show that we can go ahead and proceed and that there's plenty of other people needing our support and love and care."

That's why the Alzheimer's Association hosts Memory Walks throughout the month of October because they estimate 4.5 million Americans are affected with the disease.
Wendy Knorr says the association works to raise money to find a cure and provide support for everyone affected.
"This is an opportunity for people to come together to support a cause, to help us find a cure and to really be supportive of family and friends of those living with alzheimer's... honoring both the individuals and the family members."