Drug Bust Nets 10 Arrests

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In a series of raids throughout the Truckee Meadows on Monday, federal agents say they shut down a local drug operation and seized a sizeable quantity of methamphetamine, heroin and cocaine.

Drug Enforcement Agents had apparently been listening in on cell phone calls setting up sales of methamphetamine since at least November. Sealed indictments against 4 men were apparently returned last month.

Monday morning, the DEA, ICE, and the Reno Police Department acted, using flash bang grenades they entered into a south Reno home. A man they found inside was arrested, authorities seizing not only methamphetamine, we're told, but quantities of heroin and cocaine as well.

A short time later, they raided a home in northeast Reno on Sutro street. Employees of a business next door said the grenade shook the business. The business is located just down the street from Hug High School and in the same building as an Hispanic church. Its pastor said he was surprised to learn a suspected drug operation a few doors from his church, although he was not surprised to see a bust in his neighborhood.

"It's right down the street from a school," says Pastor Emiliano Pesillas. "There are thousands of kids here and many of them are alone when they get home from school, so they wander the streets and some get involved with drugs. These arrests are a great sign for northeast Reno."

In all there were 10 arrests. The four of the men named in the indictment were arraigned late this afternoon in federal court. Then other 6 were named in a separate complaint.

Three of the 4 arraigned today, Ismael Infante-Ramirez, Luis Lopez-Acola and Gilberto Machuca are apparently in the country illegally. They will be detained until their trial. Abraham Garcia is a US citizen. A hearing will be held to determine his eligibility for parole.