Alignment Announced From Nevada Democratic Convention

(Reno, NV) The alignment of the Nevada Democratic Convention has been counted. A total of 2,510 delegates registered for the convention, and an initial alignment showed a 55 percent of the delegates supported Barack Obama and 45 percent supported Hillary Clinton.

Regional delegates to the national convention will be apportioned as follows:

CD 1: Total = 6 delegates
Clinton, 44 percent, 3 delegates
Obama, 56 percent, 3 delegates

CD 2 Rural = 1 delegate
Clinton, 40 percent, no delegates
Obama, 60 percent, 1 delegate

CD2 Washoe = 3 delegates
Clinton, 38 percent, 1 delegate
Obama, 62 percent, 2 delegates

CD2 Clark = 2 delegates
Clinton, 36 percent, 1 delegate
Obama, 62 percent, 1 delegate

CD 3 = 4 delegates
Clinton, 51 percent, 2 delegates
Obama, 49 percent, 2 delegates

Three at-large delegates will be apportioned to Clinton today, and three will be apportioned to Obama.

Two party leader and elected official delegates will be apportioned to Obama, and one will be apportioned to Clinton.

In total, 14 delegates will be elected for Obama and 11 for Clinton. Today, the convention will elect 26 delegates in total to the national convention to be held this August in Denver, including one unpledged delegate.