Obama Picks Up Delegate At Nevada Democratic Convention, Clinton's Count Slips

RENO (AP) - Barack Obama today picked up one additional Nevada
delegate, stealing it from rival Hillary Rodham Clinton by drawing more supporters at the party's state convention in Reno.

A vote of more than 2,500 convention delegates broke 55-45 percent in Obama's favor, giving Obama 14 of Nevada's 25 pledged delegates to the National Democratic Convention in Denver this summer to Clinton's 11.

The shift is a gain of one pledged delegate for Obama over the split calculated after the state's January caucuses.

Although Clinton won the support of 51 percent of the caucus-goers in January, under the complicated system of awarding delegates Obama was put on track to winning 13 delegates to Clinton's 12.

The party also is scheduled to select later today an additional unpledged, or "add-on," delegate.

Today's vote is the final step in the state's three-step delegate selection process.

In an attempt to draw supporters, the Clinton campaign sent the New York senator's most popular surrogate to speak on her behalf: her husband, former President Bill Clinton.

He called for party unity against the Republicans in November.

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