Nevada Candidates Facing Term-Limit Challenges Drop Out Of Races

CARSON CITY, Nev. (AP) - Two school trustees dropped re-election
bids Friday after being challenged by Nevada's top election official in what could have triggered a court battle over the state's voter-approved term limits.

John McKenna canceled his bid for another term as a school board
member in Carson City; and Jonnie Pullman withdrew from a Washoe
County school trustee contest, opting to file for a state Board of
Education seat instead.

The developments left Todd Plimpton as the only candidate facing
a term-limits challenge from Secretary of State Ross Miller. Plimpton also had filed for re-election as a school trustee.

In all three cases, Miller said the trustees would have served 12 years in their posts by the end of this year and under the term limits written into the Nevada Constitution a decade ago they can't serve any longer.

Miller said Friday that while two of the three challenged candidates are out of the running, the deadline for such challenges is June 2 and it's possible more may be filed.

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