19-Year-Old Gets A Second Chance

RENO, NV - Lake Tahoe water is known for its clarity.

But the temperatures are frigid, and that's what may have contributed to 19-year-old Jake Blackmon losing his breath once he jumped in the water from the boat he was in July 30, 2014.

Joe Woodman just happened to be paddleboarding in the area at the time.

“And I said, maybe I can help, and they said, there's a boy in the water, and I looked down and I couldn't see and 2 people moved their life raft and I saw this young man sleeping on the bottom of the lake,” says Woodman, who is also a registered nurse.

Woodman says he dove in, grabbed Jake, and swam for the surface.

An empty kayak was there, and with the help of others in the water he was able to get him inside.

“A guy pulled up on a jet ski with a young man on the back of it and they said they could take him in to shore. And I thought that's where he needed to be,” says Woodman.

Care Flight was called in and Jake was taken to Renown Medical Center. “They got down here and he went into the E.R and he apparently arrested again,” says Woodman.

”I called the doctor to get an update and he said, 'uh, Mr. Blackmon, we are going to try and keep your son's heart beating til you get here,'” says Jake's dad Keith.

Parents LaNay and Keith were at their home in Houston when they got the call Jake had been injured while on vacation with friends.

They say doctors weren't optimistic about their son's chances, but as the days progressed, so did their son's condition.

With so many things to worry about, brain damage, lung damage, organ failure, they took each day at a time.

“Everyone. There have been thousands of people praying for us from all over the world, and we can kind of feel it,” says Keith.

Two weeks to the day, his parents say Jake is up and walking around, he's texting his friends, and is actually irritated at his parents that they are in his hospital room so much.

He'll be on his way back to Houston Friday, with perhaps a greater appreciation of life, and those who helped him get a second chance at it.