CDC helps investigation

" I think we have some key evidence to move much more quickly. So this is exceedingly important what we've found out from the C-D-C."

Dr. Cindy Lamerson is one of two physicians along with one member of the public who is investigating the Endoscopy Center for the State Board of Medical Examiners.

She says this new C-D-C report gives the committee credible ammunition to continue with its investigation into two physicians who head up the Endoscopy Center in Las Vegas.

Dr. Depak Desai and Eladio Carerra headed up the center where investigators say unsafe medical practices were routinely used...specifically the reuse of syringes.

"The evidence has to move forward and you have to look and really investigate and dinf out what hole picture, put the puzzle together. And when you do a puzzle you only have one or two little pieces you can't tell what the whole picture is."

Lamerson says the investigative committee needed at least two genetically linked now has four-- certainly enough scientific evidence to help boolster their case. 77 patients who have tested positive to Hepatitis C are also undergoing the genetic testing.
Unfortunately such evidence takes time which she says has made it appear she and others on the committee haven't been active. Not so, she says, as a matter of fact, these new findings will be added to complaints already filed against the two physicians. Desai and Carrera already have temporary restraining orders against them through the board and attorney generals office and are not practicing.