Candidate Challenges Could Trigger Nevada Term Limits Court Battle

CARSON CITY, Nev. (AP) - Two more local school trustees face challenges from Nevada's top election official as part of a move that could trigger a court battle over the state's voter-approved term limits.

Secretary of State Ross Miller challenged John McKenna, running for re-election to a school board seat in Carson City; and Todd Plimpton, seeking re-election to a school board seat in Pershing County.

In both cases, Miller said the trustees will have served 12 years in their posts by the end of the year and under the term limits written into the Nevada Constitution a decade ago they can't serve any longer.

That's the same argument Miller raised in a challenge of Jonnie Pullman who also will have served 12 years in her Washoe County school trustee post by December.

If the cases wind up in court, they could move quickly to the Nevada Supreme Court.

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