Roaming Bear With Long Rap Sheet

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Bears roaming neighborhoods at Tahoe have become almost common in recent years and it's no longer unusual for them to show up in neighborhoods in Reno, Carson City, and the Carson Valley.

But one bear set a new standard for urban rambling this morning. In his 5 years of life he's built an impressive rap sheet.

In May of last year he was captured in south Reno. He's also shown up in Douglas County. He may be a serial urban visitor but the Department of Wildlife will try to discourage this habit. Today while he was sleeping off the tranquilizer. Four other bears were being released at Heavenly Ski Resort. A lot of noise, rubber pellets in the rear and pursuit by a dog are meant to discourage their return. They were drawn here by an easy supply of garbage. Addressing that problem is difficult but not impossible

Some local governments do have ordinances concerning bear proofing garbage containers, but enforcement and compliance is spotty. Lackey says that makes it easy for bears to keep looking for an easy source. Each of the bears he's releasing is wearing a collar. He'll be able to track their movements over the next year.

His study should tell us more about our local bear population and how they move around.