Boy Carrying Pellet Gun Prompts 4 School Lockdown in Reno

RENO, Nev. (AP) - Reno police say a boy seen walking down a street with a pellet gun prompted the brief lockdown of four schools before authorities determined there was no threat to student safety.

The boy, 14, found his father's gun safe unlocked and took the pellet early Thursday, police said.

He was taking it to a friend's house with the intention of shooting it after school when someone called police and reported a suspicious youth carrying a possible shotgun or rifle.

A high school, middle school and two elementary schools in the area were locked down for about two hours while school and Reno police investigated.

The boy left the gun at his friend's house, and they both went to school, police said.

When they arrived and saw all the police, a teacher told him they were looking for a youth with a gun.

"He said, "I think you're looking for me,"' said school district spokesman Steve Mulvenon.

Police said no crime was committed, but noted that the incident tied up significant law enforcement resources for more than two hours.

The agency issued a reminder that pellet and even toy guns often look like real weapons, and people should take care when taking them out in public.

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