Putting Patients First

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Twelve weeks after the discovery of unsafe practices at a Las Vegas endoscopy center, the investigation appears to be stalled. A letter to the governor from Assemblywoman Sheila Leslie and Senator Steven Horsford alleges part of the problem is the agency responsible for the investigation.

The State's Board of Medical Examiners is charged with identifying abuses and assigning penalties when appropriate. Leslie and Horsford say it was the board’s own Executive Director, Tony Clark, who created delays in the Las Vegas investigation. They say Clark refused to cooperate with law enforcement agents until the last day to comply with a grand jury subpoena.

The legislators say they've lost confidence in the board's ability to perform and they want Governor Gibbons to step in and appoint independent counsel to complete the investigation.

Governor Gibbons is refusing to appoint an investigator at this time. A spokesman for his office says Gibbons has confidence in the board's ability to complete the task. The Governor has, however, expressed concern about Clark's actions. He called for Clark's resignation in Mid-March.