Lifelong Learning

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There's a technique that involves the thumb, where you're doing a thumb crawl. You go along the foot with this and once you learn this, then it's real easy.

Maxim Budreau has been massaging people's aches and stresses away for 28 years.

Now she's sharing her experience with others through the school district's community education courses.

In the class, they seem to be relaxing pretty well. It's a hands-on class. Right now it's set up so you're working on your own feet. You have to be able to put your foot up on your lap to be able to work it.

More than a thousand adults are involved in the district's classes this semester. Spanish for beginners and Spanish for the traveler are just two classes with a high-turnout.

Debbie Melahn, with the District's Community Education, says the tasty cooking classes that are still available to sign up for and vary from Malaysian cuisine, Thai, or Singapore food.

We're looking for adults of all ages, different interests. We offer classes that are sometimes only one evening or one Saturday. Some will go on for three or four evenings, once a week. We offer a variety, so people who only have one night off can have a one night class.

And, for those who didn't pick up mom's sewing skills, they can take basic sewing or the more popular knitting-the new yoga- class for all ages and levels.

But, mom and dad can also hit the classroom with your kids... coming up later this month, you can take baby and mom swim lessons or either parent can hop in with 4-to-6 year olds who have not conquered their fear of water yet.

It's part of lifelong learning. It's part of learning new things. Taking classes... for instance, we have a lot of grandparents who are interested in our computer classes. They're learning simple things like how to stay in touch with email.

There are still plenty of classes available through the end of the semester, and the district is already getting ready for next year's classes.

The price ranges from about 30-to-80 dollars depending on the supplies needed and number of classes in the course.

For more information, you can go to the school district's web site at - the site lists the available classes and schedule.