Industrial Park Freeway Under Way

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A new highway is being built through the Tahoe-Reno Industrial Park...that will give an added incentive to companies looking at relocation there.

The USA Parkway, being built, off Interstate 80, in Storey County will also shorten the drive from Reno to Las Vegas.

You pick up USA parkway after the Tracy-Clark exit.

From there, it goes 18 and a half miles, and connects to highway 50 in Lyon County.

Developers figure it will cut down drive times by about an hour from Reno to Las Vegas. The freeway will run through possibly the world's largest industrial park.

The Tahoe-Reno Industrial Park was developed by Lance Gilman with the hope someday it would be the commercial hub of the west.

Wal-Mart is so far Gilman's largest tenant.

The retail superstore chain purchased 160 acres of the 104-thousand acre plot of which ONLY 33,000 acres can be developed as an industrial park.

Builders expect 12,000 trucks to roll through USA parkway a day, in route to the distribution site.

Already, two dozen other companies have committed to relocating to Northern Nevada and building new businesses at the industrial park.

The freeway is expected to help Storey County and its tax base, which is one of the poorest in the state.

Developers say this project is user-driven, meaning the more companies to buy land, the more freeway that will be built.

So far, the first four and half miles are paid for...and expected to be complete by the end of the year.

Gilman IS getting help from other entities on the Lyon County side of the project. He says eventually both sides will meet. The plan is for the freeway to connect around the Ramsey-Weeks cut off on Highway 50.

There, it's a straight shot to highway 95 which goes to Las Vegas. So for people, living in Dayton, Silver Springs, or Yerington, it would be only a ten minute commute.

Instead, of an hour and a half...if you worked at the industrial park or in the Reno/Sparks area.