Fast Feet

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Jordan Gearey, a 4th grader at Peavine Elementary School, runs the mile twice a week.
"I like to run because I like to do outdoor activities. Not only just sports, but I like to run a lot."
Despite his ambition, the Journal of the American Medical Associations says nine million american children are overweight, and they say there is no sign of the trend towards obesity turning around.

Brad Kearns, a triathlete and organizer for the Run For Education, says teaching kids that exercise can be fun is difficult.
"Getting into athletics doesn't have to be about suffering, or being on a team with sitting on the bench. Running is the most pure and natural event that there is."

That's why students at Peavine Elementary learned about the Meridian Gold Run for education, which is just a week and a half away.
Several of the kids already began preparing for the event by joining the after-school running club... but, Kearns says staying on track isn't easy.
"The momentum of the modern world is against them. There's bad food everywhere. There's a lot of sedentary ways with adults, and even kids are driven around everywhere...."

Meridian Gold, a local mining company, is working with the Education Collaborative of Washoe County, to organize this fundraising event that will get kids and adults running.
They say 100-percent of the entry fee and donations will go into the collaborative that focuses on both education and physical activities.
The National Institute Health Care Management Foundation says children who are overweight tend to do worse in class.

So, Darrin Rohr with Meridian Gold, says those with the run for education say that's why their money goes in the classroom and on the playground.
"Half of the money goes for a physical education need and half the money goes to the passport program. The Passport program was created this year for those students who are at risk of not making in to the next grade.

The Run for Education is Saturday, October 15th at the Meridian Gold Headquarters in South Reno.
The goal is to raise 75-thousand dollars that can do directly back into our local schools.
For more information, you can go to the website at Meridianrunforeducation-dot com.