Pedal Power

[Dan Brown owner of Bicycle Bananas says more and more people are showing up to his shop asking about bicycles.

"Tired of paying so much for gas an I want to try this. I want to some information about it you know they are exploring."

Bikes are displayed outside of Bicycle Bananas. Bikes tuned up and repaired by Bicycle Bananas in northwest Reno.
Some of them belong to people who are tired of paying for gasoline and using another kind of pump to get to work.

"It's givng them that little extra impetus to go ahead and really think about doing it." Brown says.

Brown says the energy saving trend probably won't mean he'll sell more bikes. He says many people already have one sitting in their garages. Instead, he says he'll probably have to hire more mechanics to keep up with the repair and updated demands.

For instance, changing tires so that a mountain bike can be street safe... adding lights to a bike, checking brakes and gears.

But there are new developments in bikes riders may not be aware.
For instance there's this electrically assisted bike that pumps when you can't. It can give you about 30 miles of relief... and the battery can be recharged at the office.

Brown says getting to and from your destination may require a different safer route. He suggests finding a route on a day you don't have to work. And he asks bosses be a little more understanding with your bike riders.

Give them the time it takes to change a flat tire to be late to work.