Armed Robbery Trend Spiking In Reno

While police are still investigating a murder that took place at the "Good Times Bar" on Wells Avenue three weeks ago, they now have another bar shooting to look into.

The "Tronix" Bar on Kietzke Lane was robbed early Monday morning, after a man shot his gun into a wall. No one was hurt, but the incident is following several other armed robberies in that neighborhood in recent weeks. Business owners are wondering, who's next?

Police say just after 1:30 a.m., a man carrying a black revolver barged into the bar and shot his gun at the wall. A handful of customers witnessed the robbery, but no one was shot.

"They all ducked and covered. He asked for cash and the bartender gave him cash and he took off. He was in and out very quickly," said bartender, Dan Lopez.

Lopez says he knew something like this could happen...after all, the Good Times Bar isn't far from Tronix...and someone recently died there. Police say the recent rash of armed robberies are concerning, but they don't necessarily think they're all related.

The suspects wanted for the Good Times murder are two black males...but witnesses say the Tronix robber was white. Lopez says he blames the economy.

"I think people need money for food and gas. It's just getting extremely expensive to live."

Police say these type of robberies are very difficult to prevent. The neighborhoods being targeted are already heavily patrolled by it's up to the public to protect themselves.

"We always try to do education with business owners, not just with single victims, in terms of how to harden a target, how to make it more difficult to be the victim of a crime," said Kim Bradshaw of the Reno Police Department.

Just blocks from Tronix is the Vassar Lounge. Owner Sherie Ribar says she's done it all...bulletproof glass, security cameras, even panic buttons to alert police of trouble.

"You never know. We get strangers in here all the time. It could be anybody," said Ribar.

She says with the economy in the gutter...and the slowest business she's had in 12 years, she's afraid the violence is only going to get worse.

If you have any information on the shooting, robbery or where this man might be, call Secret Witness at 322-4900.