Multiple Shots Fired In Spanish Springs

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Washoe County Sheriff's Officers were a Spanish Springs neighborhood after shots were fired, early Sunday morning.

Typically, it's a quiet area, but it certainly wasn't on Saturday night. Now, Sheriff's officers and residents in the neighborhood are trying to figure out why a late night party turned into complete chaos.

Some residents on Talon Drive in Spanish Springs reported hearing as many as six gunshots around 2:30, Sunday morning.

Witnesses tell Kolo-8 the shooting happened outside a home at 1430 Talon Drive, where a party filled with teenagers started getting out of control.

"We went up to our windows to see what was going on," says Sue Schlottmann, a neighbor. "We saw a bunch of teenagers walking up the street and saw a lot of arguing; cussing and fighting."

"There was kids throwing rocks at each other," says Joseph Zimmer, who was sleeping at his parents house when the shots were fired. "There were high school students. A lot of them, like 60 or maybe more."

Now, broken glass is in the street and a tag is marking one residents fence. A seargent with the Washoe County Sheriff's Department says nearly 200 people were at the party, when officers arrived to break it up. Authorities say someone likely fired the shots straight up in the air to break up a fight, but as far as they know, no one was hit.

The shooting happened about 15 minutes after a report of nine shots fired at a nearby Blockbuster on Pyramid Way. Officers say the two incidents are likely related, but would not comment on camera. The question of why it would happen here is still up in the air.

"I was very shocked cause this is a good neighborhood," says Schlotmann. "We don't normally have anything like that going on in this area."

Officers arrested two people for driving under the influence in connection with those incidents.

Neighbors say a family lives in the home where the party took place, but the parents were likely out of town.