Nevada Governor Signs Order for New Anti-Waste Panel

CARSON CITY, Nev. (AP) - Nevada Gov. Jim Gibbons and the head of
his new anti-government waste panel said Wednesday the state has an
outdated bureaucracy that needs to be streamlined quickly given the
current economic downturn that has cut into tax revenues.

Gibbons and Bruce James commented as the governor signed an order creating the Spending and Government Efficiency, or SAGE, Commission, which is modeled after former President Reagan's Grace
Commission that in 1984 produced nearly 2,500 ideas for cutting government waste.

James, credited with turning around the federal Printing Office which he ran from 2002 to 2007, described Nevada's state bureaucracy as "19th Century" and "patchwork," and said the goal is to come up with moneysaving plans that cut across all agencies.

Gibbons and James said past government efficiency reports will be reviewed, and agency leaders and staffers will be asked for ideas. The governor repeated his earlier comment that he doesn't want another study that "sits idle on a shelf and collects dust."

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