Outdoor Classroom

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One day there will be a new classroom for local students in the Carson Valley.

You'll begin the walk, and it's the beginning of Nevada history. So, it will start with the Native Americans. And, as you go from kiosk to kiosk, it will go from the pioneers coming, the mining, all the way to the situation where we are now, where we're growing so fast, water is a problem.

Not an easy task for, Kathleen Barton, one third grade teacher at Jacks Valley Elementary School, in Douglas County. But, with the support from the school, the district, and the community the "Nevada History Walk and Archeological Dig" is beginning to really take shape.

The archeology dig section is a hands-on project where they can bury artifacts, dig each other's up, learn about cultures, then behind the kiosk will actually be a visual aid. So, we may have a wagon train.

Barton says using the outdoors as a classroom is perfect, the students feel more involved and can better understand their own place in history.

That's why, she says, the community support has been so great.

There is still work to be done, but Barton says this classroom will prove to be an essential part of learning local history.

There will be several more workdays to finish the outdoor classroom.

If you are interested in volunteering or sponsoring a kiosk, contact Jacks Valley Elementary School.