School Lunch Increases

It may cost more for your child to eat a school breakfast or lunch beginning in July. Washoe County School District's nutritional services wants to increase the price by 25-cents.

Just as with most price increases these days it has a lot to do with the price of gas, food staples, and insufficient reimbursement.

"One of the things we are looking for that the board asked for which is probably a good idea is parents what is going to be the impact for you by raising the meal price 25-cents." says Joan Munckton from Washoe County School District Nutritional Services.

Nutritional Services workers are busy putting together chicken nugget lunches for area schools. But these days these nuggets might as well be gold... the price of just about everything it takes to produce these lunches has gone up. Food services is asking permission from the school board to raise the price by 25-cents.

"Recently had a vendor call us and say, you know we are going ot have a look at the cost of flour. The cost had been eight-dollars and it was going up 30-dollars and they needed to pass the increase on to us."

Munckton says the potential price increase won't affect students who are receiving free or reduced meals.

And she says more students will probably start bringing their lunches to school once the increase goes into effect.

But there is a population she says whose families will be put in a bind.
That's because for some students, this may be the only--or even complete meal they get all day.

If you would like to comment on the proposed price increase of school lunches we've set up a way for you to do that.

Go to our web-channel at kolo-tv-dot-com and click on hot topics, we've set up a link for you..

The school board will consider those comments when they vote on the proposed increase May 27th at its scheduled meeting.