Fatal Accident in Sun Valley

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Officers are blaming speed in a fatal accident this afternoon in Sun Valley.

Washoe County Sheriff's deputies were called out to the accident.

They say a white man, with no identification, was killed as he made the corner.
Officers say the motorcyclist was witnessed passing another car, despite a double-yellow line, and was taking the corner fast.

Lt. John Spencer with the Washoe County Sheriff's Office told us, "He would have gone down and the indication is the motorcycle was down and sliding across the other lane when it impacted the truck. So, it was not upright and being ridden by the rider. He was actually down on the ground sliding when he impacted the other vehicle."

Officers say the motorcyclist was wearing a full-face helmet at the time of the crash.
They say they are trying to determine who he is, so that his family can be notified.