Carson Tahoe Regional Medical Center

Chief Information Officer Michael Blair lights up when you ask him to talk about creating a hospital from the ground up.

"Building an information system for the hospital is a huge project. There are a lot of challenges we have run into a lot of problems we have tried to fix. We had to change our tactics in different ways, but this is a challenge that I think any IT guy would dream of."

Ask Blair to take you around and show some of the new technology or innovations at the hospital he's happy to. Our first stop the surgical floor. There are two more surgery suites here which are devoted to cardiac patients.

Nothing is on the floor; monitoring systems hang from the ceiling. The overhead lighting here has a video camera to record different surgeries.

The Neumatic tube system is unique as well. Much like a drive-up teller at the bank, the tube can contain specimens, paperwork, cultures and deliver them to any of 20-stations throughout the hospital. Mike and other staff members are quick to point out these communication devices called the vo-sera.

Telephones and paging systems are so old hospital. Wearers can personally page anyone on the same system.

Find out their location, talk to them, and even get an outside line.

On another floor Mike showed us the nurse call system. Patients can push a button bedside, or even in the shower. The system sends out a tone to the nurse depending upon the urgency of the situation.

At this station, the calls are monitored and answered. And a lighting system next to each room reinforces the status the call, and whether a nurse has responded.

While the hospital officially opens its doors on Dec, 3, you can get a one and only chance to get a behind the scenes look at the new hospital this Saturday Nov. 12 from 10 a.m. until 4 p.m.