Reno Store Robbed Thursday Morning

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Police are looking at a possible connection between a robbery that took place near Kietzke in Reno and a fatal shooting on Wells, that happened nearly two weeks ago.

Two suspects carrying guns hit the Bains Market on Yori Avenue at about eight thirty, Thursday morning, just minutes after a customer left the business.

The armed robbery is the second to take place in this area in nearly two weeks, giving residents and business owners quite a scare.

Darsen Sengh, owns the market and is still a little shaken up after getting robbed at gun point.

He says one suspect was looking at drinks inside this refrigerator while the other browsed through an adjacent aisle.

Suddenly, the two suspects rushed opposite sides of the front counter and pointed handguns at Sengh, demanding he open the register and get down on the floor.

"They pulled guns and said 'open the door,'" says Sengh. "So I opened it. Then they took off."

The suspects got away with an undisclosed amount of cash.
Sengh's description of the two suspects is eerily similar to the one released in connection with an armed robbery and fatal shooting at good times on nearby Wells Avenue.

Police say it's too early to determine if the two cases are connected., but they're telling people in the neighborhood to look out for anything unusual as they investigate a possible link.

Kim Bradshaw, Rpd Sgt

"We did a canvas there and let them know what occurred," says Sergeant Kim Bradshaw with the Reno Police Department. "And knowing that we had so many detectives out at this case, I hope would give them some comfort that we're looking at this being related to the 'Good Times incident.' We're not sure, but that's something we're keeping in mind."

"It just makes me watch out for unfamiliar things," says Tremaine Nelson, a regular customer. "I got more reason to now. Because I know a lot of people. But if I don't know you, it's gonna be looking a little suspicious."

The two suspects are described as black men 30 to 35 years old, about 6 feet tall and weighing about 185 pounds.

One robber was wearing a black baseball cap, a black jacket with a black shirt underneath and black jeans.

The second man was wearing a black beanie and also a black jacket, shirt and pants.

Police say the description of the guns used in both cases is similar.

Anyone with information about either case is asked to call Reno police or secret witness.