No Evacuees To Nevada?

Victims of Hurricane Katrina

Plans to bring about 300 hurricane Katrina evacueesto Reno have been suspended.

A spokesman for the Governor's office says the flights have been suspended indefinitely and there is no indication the state will be asked again to do this.

The state's emergency management director, Frank Siracusa says the airlifts had been canceled as the Federal Emergency Management Agency reassesses needs of people displaced by Katrina.

Siracusa says FEMA informed the state they must house evacuees for 18 months at the same location.

Siracusa says Nevada will now assess whether the new long-term housing requirements are feasible, and reevaluate the situation.

Federal officials said last week that as many as 500 other evacuees from the New Orleans area could be flown to Nevada on Monday.

Reno was expeced to receive 300 and Las Vegas was supposed to get about 200.