Family Almost Loses Home for a Second Time

Laurence Kaplan’s house was destroyed seven years ago by wildfire. On Tuesday, Laurence was in the final stages of rebuilding when he caught a familiar sight, smoke in Washoe Valley.

Here are some pictures and comments from Kaplan as he experienced the progression of the fire:

"We were worried."

"Then scared."

"Then it got very bad and we thought it was all over. 72 mph winds, burning ash, smoke and dust."

Laurence said the smoke was so bad you couldn't even tell were the fire was coming from. All you could see was the orange glow from the flames.

The house sustained smoke damage, ashes everywhere and more than 200 railroad ties destroyed.

"The fire came within 200 feet of my home with small fires within 100 feet."

Kaplan would like to thank the Reno Fire Department, BLM, and NDF for protecting his home.