Katrina Evacuees Head Here

Victims of Hurricane Katrina
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Images from the Gulf make Nevada seem a world away, but soon our state will become home to hundreds maybe even thousands of Hurricane Katrina evacuees.

For now, 800 "displaced persons" as they are being called, are heading to the state.

Five-hundred to the Las Vegas area and three-hundred right here to Washoe County.

The Governor has dubbed this "Operation Open Arms" and at a press conference with state and local agencies he outlined how this relocation will work.

Three-hundred people from the Gulf states will arrive at Reno International Airport sometime Thursday.

They will be bussed by RTC to the State's Dini-Townshend hospital in Sparks for processing.

Eventually 200 will be set up in living quarters at the National Guard's Training Center at Stead.

The remaining 100 will stay at the State Facility in Sparks. This has come together very quickly so many details are unknown.

We don't know where they are from or how long they will be staying, but the indication is just a matter of weeks or a couple of months.

And, what about the air races at Stead? Everything will go on as scheduled, except for the military aircraft display which will have to be moved to another spot.