Reno Reacts To 4.2 Quake

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For the first time, this swarm of earthquakes rattled areas outside of the northwest as throughout both Reno and Sparks residents felt the shaking especially the largest quake which registered at 4.2.

"It jolted very hard," says Sandy Smith from Reno. "It's the hardest one I've felt of all that we've had recently."

Smith was at a Reno Chiropractor when the 4.2 quake started rattling the walls. The quake struck at 3:55, Thursday afternoon, with the epicenter just six miles west of Reno.

"It wasn't an earthquake that shifted," says Pat Love who was working at Sew-N-Such at Franktown Corners. "It was more of a rattle type thing."

Love says she felt the earthquake, but it didn't really scare her. Across the parking lot, employees and customers at a Spa and Salon watched uneasily as the store began to shake.

"A couple of people mentioned that stuff was rocking back and forth," says Kristin Newman, who works at the Salon. "And they felt a treatment bed move, which is a heavy bed."

Some businesses in the northwest reported cracked windows and damaged roof tiles. The U.S. Geological Survey reported 30 small earthquakes during a two-hour period with seven measuring 2.4 or above. The frequent shaking had many people wondering what was going on.

"It was pretty scary," says Amanda Bliablias who was getting her car smogged at the time of the quake. "I was on the phone with my friend and he's like 'a bunch of pictures fell down, what's going on?' And I said, 'there was an earthquake. I was pretty scared.'

There was also a four-point one magnitude quake that hit just eight minutes before the 4.2 shaker.

UNR's Seismology Lab says those were the only quakes felt in the downtown and business district.

The lab says aftershocks should be expected over the next several days.